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All  standard sheets are just under 6 inches wide  x 9 inches tall.

Every order is customized to your needs and wants, please be clear with your instructions and most of all please be patient.

There is a standard price for a sheet of stickers. When you order personalized items like name tags, sometimes there is a small design fee associated. Sorry/Not sorry.                     

I will happily take all well intentioned enquiries but, please know I primarily cater to RC racing because thats what I know best.         

Scroll down to see examples of the way popular logos in common sizes fit on our standard sheets.

If you're still not sure how many stickers you need just let me know how many vehicles you have and what scale they are. We'll work from there, but a good expectation on your part should be something in the following range.

1-3 vehicles = 1-3 sheets

2-4 vehicles = 2-4 sheets

3-5 vehicles = 3-5 sheets     

Every body design is unique and sizing is always a guess. Feel free to measure what you have now and we'll happily try and match as close as possible. On a sizing scale a good starting guide for reference is the following:

Under 2" stickers - Suitable mostly for smaller scale 1/12 and 1/10 applications.

2" stickers - Common  for 1/12 and 1/10 vehicles. Will also work with 1/8.

3" stickers - Common on both 1/10  & 1/8 vehicles.

4" stickers - Common  for 1/8 vehicles, some designs are also good for 1/10.

5" and 8" stickers - Best for large 1/5 scale vehicles, tool boxes and bumper stickers. Some designs are also good for 1/8 scale vehicles.

Whatever you want, never be afraid to ask. I might just surprise you!

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